Azada is a Bohemian chic clothing line that celebrates the female form with garments designed to flatter and enhance. A streamlined cut combined with unique fabrics creates a brand that stands out with it’s own identity. Founder and designer, Tara Haggiag, was inspired to create Azada during a transformational trip through Southeast Asia. There she discovered beautiful materials, using specialized weaving techniques, infused by the depth and wisdom of their culture.

Tara lets the vibrant life of textiles inspire and guide her designs, which include select materials from Italy, Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia and India. Azada means freedom, embodying the line’s ethos; freedom through the unification of diverse cultures and their fabrics. The line is worn by Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox, Roseanna Arquette, Ashley Judd, Tracy Chevalier and Perrey Reeves.

Tara Haggiag was born and raised in London to American parents, Tara Haggiag studied at Goldsmith University, the edgy institute where Damien Hirst and the Brit pack first cut their teeth. Since college, Tara’s travels have been the catalyst for what is now Azada. Her love of the Italian language led her to live in Rome, where her eye for Italian design and fine tailoring was nurtured. In Los Angeles, Tara is drawn to the natural beauty of the Californian landscape; an earthy, natural sexiness which she conveys through her designs.